CKRAS - It′s good to be different.

Professional Gameserver, Voiceserver, Bouncer and Webhosting






Data Centre

Location: Frankfurt am Main

  • 1500 qm floor Space
  • 2X 1MW Trafo redundant EVU Connection
  • 3X 300KVA n+1 USV Installation A Feed
  • 2X 400KVA n+1 USV Installation B Feed (10/09)
  • 2,5 MW Refrigerating Capacity with free cooling
  • Redundant Darkfiber In-House
  • Inergen© Gaseous extingushing system
  • 24/7 Security
  • Elektonic Access-System
  • Engineer locally


All Server-systems be obtained from our hardware vendor Thomas Krenn AG and tested there on the heart and kidneys. So you get perfectly matched addition to hardware, the high Qualitäststandart of TK to feel if the server times should have a technical problem. Technical details ...


The network consists CKRAS as a full 10Gbit network, all servers are connected by full-duplex 1Gbit (Smartline be throttled to 100 Mbps). This enables better response times and better pings for all users. Our network consists of HP switches that are connected redudant so that failures can be prevented by a switch.