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Professional Gameserver, Voiceserver, Bouncer and Webhosting


Selected products

EPS Entry

  • All Games in CKRAS GamingCloud
  • Clan- and Public-Gameserver
  • Tickrate 128
  • Pingbooster 1
  • ESL ready & certified

EPS Extreme Server

  • Voiceserver optional
  • Gameserver with 12 Slots perfect for CS:GO
  • SSH Protect + CKRAS v5.0
  • Tickrate 128
  • ESL-Certified Gameserver

EPS Extreme Server Plus+

  • 20 Slot Voice-Server included
  • Gameserver with 16 Slots and 100 %-Guarantee for 1000 FPS
  • Tickrate 128 / Pingbooster 3
  • SSH Protect + CKRAS v5Plus
  • ESL-Certified Gameserver


Play all games in your CKRAS GamingCloud

Welcome to CKRAS

We offer you the best equiment for your hobby. High-performance Gameserver, latency optimized Voiceserver, Bouncer, TV-Server for viewers and Webspace for your Homepage

Our Gameserver are equipped with the best equiment availible, we not only want to offer perfect service, we also want to offer you the best hardware, to have no barriers for perfect gaming fun.

With the CKRAS GamingCloud you can switch quickly beetween games, and free select your favorite game.





Connectivity Mbps
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Anti-Cheat-Protection from CKRAS

CKRAS Server Protect PLUS+?

CKRAS Protect is a SSH-Filecheck (Server-Side-Hack) System from CKRAS, we will check privileges from files on your gameserver and we guarantee with a clean new default installation, that a customer can´t spoofing any files on the Gameserver.

What will we check?

Our Server Protect Script compare any Serverfiles with our MasterServer and will replace changed Files on the gameserver. If a customer will activate the CKRAS SSH Protect, the gameserver progress will be stopped and after a new server restart you have a protected CKRAS Server. You can check your protected status on our page, with a log activation/deactivation overview.

Is it possible to connect via FTP?

You can connect with a FTP-Software to your GameServer, with activated CKRAS Protect you can´t change any files, but your are aible to download demos or logs from your Server. more details see (FTP Read ONLY)

FTP Read Only?

With our CKRAS Protect SSH Plus+ you can allways connect to your FTP-Server, we change with a activated Protect Server all Files to "READ ONLY", so you aren´t aible to edit any files on your FTP-Server, so we can grant a Cheat Free SSH-Server.